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Awesome fanart by someone!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my page, I'm most commonly known as William with a few variations to my name and such. I'm usually active and I hope to work with a lot of people to make this wikia big. Although, hopefully the cast will expand and such, so we can have more articles to write about!!

Enigma is my second favourite manga after Cage of Eden. Enigma has kept me on the edge, the history, the concept, I have began to love the manga!! I wish it the best and if Viz or whatever picks it up, I would immediately buy each and all the volumes in English.

Favourite Characters[]

Now going onto my favourite characters... I'm sure most of them will find the three odd, but I'll just limit my amount of favourites to three for now.

  1. Misaki Kamiya - I love her to death. When I saw her design, I wanted to "take her home" Rena Ryuuga style. I will always believe that she will appear again and get a more important role as she is the one character who has gotten the most exposure from the people who were in the shadows. Misaki Kamiya fanclub forever!!!!!!!
  2. Next would be Kijima Yūta. Probably. I found him an awesome character. I liked how he was evil, but I always did have this feeling he was just being misunderstood. I mean, all characters have their reasons, so he kind of reminds me of Ultear from Fairy Tail in that regard. Who I also like.
  3. Shigeru Kurumiya would have to be third. Despite being an innocent, clumsy and extremely cute character, she is still shrouded with mystery in terms of her ability. I think there's more to it that meets the eyes and I am looking forward to an Act where she appears and her abilities become more explained and discussed.

So those are my top three characters! Although, Mao Nanafushi is slowly climbing the ranks of awesomeness! I have to wait for her to develop more, though I'm sure she or Akame will be the first characters off the train.