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Name FanOfAniManga
Gender Male
Likes Anime
Editing anime/manga Wikis
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Manga Debut Dragon Ball Z
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Hey Wikians. My username is FanOfAniManga, or FOAM for short. As you can tell by my username, I'm a fan of anime and manga series.

I mainly like to work on anime and manga-related Wikis on smaller series that I personally like and think have the potential to become extremely popular. As a relatively new manga series, ǝnígmǝ caught my attention from the online community and from the Weekly Shonen Jump lineup, and is a series that has been on my mind well after it's unfortunate conclusion.

My Thoughts on ǝnígmǝ[]

Last Updated: February 4, 2014

ǝnígmǝ is a series that has kept me hooked since chapter 1, but unlike some people, I didn't hear about it from the Bakuman reference, as most people would've. I found about it from reading around the online talk forums. Unlike most of the other shonen titles I've read, fighting isn't the mainstay throughout the series. Rather, it's a psychological thriller. The early storyline was okay, but later, the manga started running into serious problems.

By the time the series finished, my mind was stuck on the latest chapters, so at first, I believed the story was rather poorly planned closer to the end because Sakaki had to rush to end it out of editorial pressure. Eventually, I realized that her poor planning didn't just occur where the series ended, but where it started too. As many readers have noticed, character development is pretty much absent from beginning to end. Not only that, but whatever character development the story had seemed to be focused on the wrong characters by accident (eg at Sūki instead of Shigeru, as evidenced in the popularity poll). I've also realized that the story could've been much more compelling had it focused on either the character's powers or finding the identity of ǝnígmǝ alone, rather than the two of them together, as is what happened. It felt very forced and easily broke the story's suspension of disbelief. This podcast by one Maxy Barnard pretty much summarizes whatever other weaknesses I've felt the series had, and I highly recommend listening to it, as this manga is certainly a peculiar case.

As a possible suggestion, I think Sakaki should've tried making a oneshot of Enigma first to test the waters and see what she could've added or removed from the story to improve it. Unfortunately, she didn't, which is a shame considering how much farther the story could've went.

I'd absolutely love to see Sakaki start off a brand new manga series. It's been years since the manga ended and I'm STILL waiting for her to come out with a new serial, which I believe could potentially be groundbreaking, despite how risky the genre currently is in a magazine like Weekly Shonen Jump. Hopefully, she'll learn how to plan a better storyline from creating ǝnígmǝ.

Having been enthusiastic about this series and unable to find an existing Wiki for the series prior, I started this dedicated Wiki. Although the series has concluded, I'll still be visiting this Wiki on a regular basis for maintenance and updates. I also look to develop Wikis of new, potentially groundbreaking series to the same standard as those of well-established Wikis of manga/anime series.

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