This is a rough timeline of events pertaining to the series.

Historical TimelineEdit


November 20Edit


February 29Edit

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Current TimelineEdit


September 17Edit

September 18Edit

  • From 12:00am After:
    • ǝnígmǝ kidnaps Mina on the elevator at Club Lena.
  • Morning to About 9:00am:
  • 11:00pm:
    • Sumio and Shigeru find themselves waking up inside Yūyami High's gymnasium with five others.
  • From after 11:10pm to at least 11:21pm: Everyone realizes they're trapped inside the gymnasium with no contact to the outside world.
  • After 11:21pm: ǝnígmǝ introduces himself as host of the Fifth e-test with the seven trapped students as participants: Sumio, Shigeru, Moto, Aru, Matsurigi, Hiina and Sudō.

September 19Edit

  • 12:00am
    • The Fifth e-test begins.
  • 12:01am
    • Matsurigi leads the seven to find the passwords out together.
  • From 12:01am to About 4:05am
    • The seven discover that they do have to follow ǝnígmǝ's rules for the fifth e-test.
    • The first Shadow appears and snatches Matsurigi away.
    • The remaining students find the instructions for Password No. 3 in the teacher's desk of Room 3A with the help of Sumio's Dream Diary.
    • Challenge No. 3
    • Kurisu peers at the participants from a dark corner.
  • About 4:05am
    • The students move into the infirmary and establish it as their base.
  • From 4:05am to 6:00am
    • Moto, Aru and Sudō scavenge the school for food supplies, while Shigeru accompanies Hiina to change her clothes.
    • Moto, Aru and Sudō find food and medicine, while Sumio, after having rested and written another entry, decides to follow Shigeru and Hiina into the showers to find the next password.
    • Hiina reveals her Ability, Third Hand to Shigeru in the shower.
    • Sumio finds the instructions to Password No. 5 down the shower drain.
    • Challenge No. 5
    • Kurisu greets Matsurigi unconscious and trapped.
  • 6:00am
    • The students reunite to see the sun rise and the Shigeru and Hiina are sent to sleep in the infirmary.
  • From 6:00am to After 8:00am
    • Sumio discovers another entry in his notebook describing where Matsurigi and the next password is.
    • Aru returns to the infirmary to take care of Shigeru and Hiina, while Sumio, Moto and Sudō decide to find Matsurigi.
    • The three find Matsurigi locked inside a chamber in the school's old incinerator and the next password locked in the other chamber.
    • Challenge No. 2
    • Aru leaves the infirmary upon hearing a noise.
    • Sumio gives Matsurigi a pill they found that suppresses the inner Shadow, but Matsurigi only pretends to swallow it and saves the pill.
    • Kurisu separates Aru's head from his body, causing Aru to lose consciousness.
  • From 8:00am to ?

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