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So what shall we do with these profiles since we don't know their name? We could assume their identities through the picture from chapter 2. Firstly, if we check chapter 15, page 9, we can see Kirio reading out their names in this order:

  1. Kurisu
  2. Matsurigi
  3. Kengo
  4. Yoshio
  5. Misaki

At first, I thought he was reading their names out from (the skulls POV) right to left. Which fitted for the first two, but then didn't as Misaki was the last in the row. This quickly made me assume Kengo as the big guy as he looked like one. But that's not very much, so if we go to page 3 of chapter 15 with the photo (first introduced in chapter 2), we can look at the ordering. Since the Japanese read from the right to the left, if you look at the naming order, the people fit it exactly. Kurisu, then Matsurigi, then guy, then guy 2, then Misaki. Kengo also is the same. Now this is all assumption and such, so it can't be taken into true account, but if we're going to guess the names then I guess we could use these coincidences to assume their names since it's better than keeping it blank and I don't think any coverage will be done on them until they talk about the past e-tests or shadows. Which, I guess will happen eventually (if it doesn't get canceled) considering we need to know how the shadows came to be on the first e-test.

Will 13:07, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

It's only a coincidence, though. You'll never know if their names are actually switched around from that order. It's not safe to assume their names if we'll never be completely sure who's who. The best workaround I can find from this problem is to merge their names into one article. I encountered a similar situation on the Beelzebub Wiki with three characters. Like Kengo and Yoshio here, they're minor characters too, so it should be easy enough to fit their descriptions together as well. --FOMA (Talk) 16:55, September 5, 2011 (UTC)
Merging them works, too. Will 23:05, September 5, 2011 (UTC)
Alright, I've merged their pages. I've also set the links from other articles linking to this page so that in case they both warrant their own articles, it'll be easier to separate them. --FOMA (Talk) 06:13, September 6, 2011 (UTC)