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Reverend Scott
Name Reverend Scott
Gender Male
First Appearance
Manga Debut e31. Open

Reverend Scott (スコット牧師, Sukotto-bokushi) is a clergyman priest who is also Ryō Kurisu's guardian. He works for a church.


Reverend Scott is a relatively large man with tanned skin and a light coloured hair. His face hasn't been seen yet, however in his appearances, he is mostly seen wearing a black suit, with the coat covering a majority of his body. He also wears black shoes.


Not much is known about Scott's personality, however he seems to be a strong character who is affectionate and kind. He helped Kurisu with his trial and also visited the school in search for him every day for two years after Kurisu went missing.


The certainty of it being Reverend Scott is unknown, however when Kurisu discovered his talent, he had met a clergymen who had given him a holy cross and telling him that a trial has been imposed on him. Reverend Scott is Kurisu's guardian and he was looking after him. The two were scheduled to take the Q-150 flight, however as Reverend Scott fell ill, they were unable to go. It should also be noted that Reverend Scott was seen standing next to Kurisu in the Yūyami High School festival. After Kurisu's disappearance, he began visiting Yūyami High School on a daily basis looking for Kurisu.


Act 1[]