Misaki Kamiya
Misaki Kamiya
Name Misaki Kamiya
神谷 みさき
Kamiya Misaki
Gender Female
Affiliation Yūyami High School
Second e-test
e-test Stats
e-tests Attended Second
Result Failed
First Appearance
Manga Debut e2. Close (photo)

Misaki Kamiya (神谷 みさき, Kamiya Misaki) is a former student of Yūyami High School. She was chosen by Kirio Imizuka under the alias of ǝnígmǝ to attend the second e-test and ended up failing it. She then became consumed by a Shadow as she and the other members betrayed Ryō Kurisu and Jirō Matsurigi.


Misaki has wavy, long blonde hair that extends to her mid-waist. She also has a few strands of hair flowing down past her shoulders. She has black eyes and has large breasts. She is usually seen with the Yūyami High School school uniform. This includes a long-sleeved white top and a mini skirt with two black stripes going straight down on each side of her skirt. Misaki has white socks and black shoes.


Not much is known about Misaki's personality, however as she entered the school, she is one of the few characters with a large smile on their face suggesting she may be a cheerful character.


Not much is known about Misaki's school life, however 3 years ago prior to the storyline, she went to the Yūyami High School Festival. She is seen in a white maid costume holding a dumpling sign with a smile on her face. And as she attended the festival, she therefore heard Kirio's cry for help and obtained a talent. Later, she was chosen by Kirio to attend the second e-test where she worked with four other people to obtain passwords and escape. However, they ultimately only found two passwords in time and she failed the test being consumed by shadows.



Her talent is unknown, however as she participated in the e-test, it is assumed she had one and was aware of it.