Mina Haiba
Mina Haiba
Name Mina Haiba
灰葉 ミナ
Haiba Mina
Gender Female
Relatives Sumio Haiba (son)
First Appearance
Manga Debut e1. "7"
Voice Actors
Japanese Kyōko Hikami (VOMIC)

Mina Haiba (灰葉 ミナ, Haiba Mina) is Sumio's mother. She works at Club Lena, a cabaret in Yūyami City, where she had been abducted by Kirio Imizuka under the alias of ǝnígmǝ and missing ever since.


Mina is a girl with short black hair and large eyes. She is commonly seen wearing a sleeveless tank top, with the collar of the top being white. She has a white mini-skirt that extends to above her knees and also wears black shoes. On her drawer, she has an abundance of make-up and such, and she is also known for wearing a long-haired blonde wig, which she uses for work.


Mina is a tomboyish, rough character. Whilst at her work place, Club Lena, she acts like a kind, cheerful cabaret girl, holding in her inner rage at annoying customers. However, as she leaves her job, she's an extremely tough, independant and strong girl. She was easily able to fend off a stalker, chasing them with a knife as they followed her to her home. Mina is an upbeat, cheerful girl, usually seen with a smile on her face. When Sumio got his Dream Diary talent, she was quick to encourage him and tell him how talented he is. She is also very dedicated in her romance life, as she has been waiting for him for years, despite him leaving without a word.



Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit

After four days of the events of the e-test had passed, Mina is seen sleeping in her bed during the morning.



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