Kiyoshi Mitarai
Kiyoshi Mitarai
Name Kiyoshi Mitarai
御手洗 キヨシ
Mitarai Kiyoshi
Gender Male
Affiliation Yūyami Prison
First Appearance
Manga Debut e49. Prison

Kiyoshi Mitarai (御手洗 キヨシ, Mitarai Kiyoshi) is a prison guard working at the Yūyami Prison with Gōzō Kuroiwa and Yūta Kijima. He is also one of the two prison guards who possessed a ticket to the next stop on the Gaikotsu-bound train.


Kiyoshi has a relatively normal stature, having relatively short black hair that extends to his neck. His fringe is short and he has two short bangs of hair on both sides of his head. He has black eyes. He is also seen only wearing the Yuuyami Prison guards uniform, which consists of a black hat that covers the top of his head with a star located in the center of it and a black suit. The suit consists of a long-sleeved black top, black pants and black shoes, whilst uneder the top, there's a white shirt with a black tie around the collar.


Kiyoshi, unlike his partner Kuroiwa, seems to be much gentler and kinder. He seems to have a clumsy demeanour, as seen by his partner Kuoriwa calling him a dunce for letting some prisoners escape. This is naturally seen by his constant staggering when given orders as well, which also allowed Sumio to trick and take advantage of him and control him.



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