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Kirio Imizuka
Kirio Imizuka.png
Name Kirio Imizuka
忌束 キリヲ
Imizuka Kirio
Birthday February 28, 1995
Gender Male
Height 170 cm (5'7")
Weight 53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Likes Success
Quiet places
Fugu sashimi
Dislikes Defeat
Class 1-4
Strongest ?
Weakest ?
Relatives Gidō Imizuka (father)
Yūta Kijima (older stepbrother)
First Appearance
Manga Debut e1. "7" (as ǝnígmǝ)
e35. First (as himself)
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryō Kuratomi (VOMIC, ǝnígmǝ)

"Normal is abnormal, abnormal is normal- this is our world. I'm here to make you understand that!"

Kirio Imizuka (忌束 キリヲ, Imizuka Kirio) was a past friend of Sumio Haiba and Shigeru Kurumiya and the main antagonist of Act 1 of the story, having taken on the mysterious identity of ǝnígmǝ.

He was framed for hijacking Queen Airlines Flight 510 and was subsequently interned at the Yūyami Prison. It is revealed that he took on the identity of ǝnígmǝ during the fifth e-test and even before the Yūyami High School festival three years ago. His title as ǝnígmǝ had been surrendered to Sumio as a decoy as he wishes to protect himself and seek revenge on a new "enemy", Cannibal, looking to steal ǝnígmǝ from him.


Kirio incarcerated in his isolated jail cell at the Yūyami Prison.

He has black hair and a visible scar on his neck




Act 1[]

Act 2[]