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Jirō Matsurigi
Jiro Matsurigi.png
Name Jirō Matsurigi
祀木 ジロウ
Matsurigi Jirō
Birthday May 1, 1993
Gender Male
Height 178 cm (5'10")
Weight 54 kg (119 lbs)
Blood Type A
Likes Math
Difficult problems
Shiba Inu
Dislikes Selfish behavior
Things breaking the law
Class 3-B
Strongest Math
Science (Physics)
Weakest Home economics
Affiliation Yūyami High School
Fifth e-test
Second e-test
Relatives Grandfather
Older Brother
Older Sister
Talent Cubic Subtraction
e-test Stats
e-tests Attended Second
Result Passed
Reward Fifth e-test:
Shadow Transformation Recovery
Shadō kai no kaifuku

Second e-test:
To Become a Doctor
Ishi ni naru
First Appearance
Manga Debut e1. "7"
Voice Actors
Japanese Genki Muro

Jirō Matsurigi (祀木 ジロウ, Matsurigi Jirō) is the student body president of Yūyami High School. He was chosen by Kirio Imizuka under the alias of ǝnígmǝ to attend the fifth and second e-tests and ended up being the sole escapee for the latter.



As the current student council president, Matsurigi is a stickler when it comes to rules. He seems to have memorized the student handbook from cover to cover, able to identify violations when he sees them happen and give out the corresponding punishments. Due to this, he comes off as uptight and somewhat distant, but he is actually a kind person, wanting to become a doctor to save people's lives and even joining another e-test just to save Ryō Kurisu.

Matsurigi is extremely intelligent, having placed first in the national mock examinations years before. He is especially adept in Mathematics, hence why his Talent is related to that field. At the same time, his skills in Home Economics are weak, as proven by his weird sense of taste when he tried retouching Kurisu's cooking for the participants during the fifth e-test. He is also a good leader and, just like Kurisu, believes that cooperation and unity are the key to completing the e-test.



Act 1[]

Act 2[]


Cubic Subtraction (三次減算, Sanji genzan)

Matsurigi's talent revolves around working with numbers. He is able to effectively touch an object and plant a number on it. From that number, he is able to subtract numbers from the original which causes the object to shift and become smaller. When he subtracts a number from the object, not only does its size get smaller, but so does the weight allowing for easier transport. The numbers he subtract are them embedded in his hand. The numbers themselves just express the object and are engraved into the object when he is using his talent on that object. He can also use his talent on numerous objects at once, as shown when he shrunk numerous ladders to use as a bridge.

His talent however, does have a few requirements. Although he can use his talent to make an object smaller, he can't use this talent to enlarge any objects more than their original size. Matsurigi is also unable to use his talent on anything other than objects, meaning he can't use it on a person.