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Gōzō Kuroiwa
Gozo Kuroiwa.png
Name Gōzō Kuroiwa
玄岩 ゴウゾウ
Kuroiwa Gōzō
Gender Male
Affiliation Yūyami Prison
Relatives Wife
First Appearance
Manga Debut e48. Uncovered

Gōzō Kuroiwa (玄岩 ゴウゾウ, Kuroiwa Gōzō) is a prison guard working at Yūyami Prison with Yūta Kijima and Kiyoshi Mitarai. He is the chief jailer in Yūyami Prison and also the replacement guard in charge of Imizuka Kirio. He is also one of the two prison guards who possessed a ticket to the next stop on the Gaikotsu-bound train.



Kuroiwa is a maniacal tyrant who considers his job at Yūyami Prison holy work, where he must punish and attempt to rehabilitate the prisoners. As a veteran, he takes his job extremely serious, whether or not he is in charge of a child. He has a strong detest towards villains and thinks of what he does as justice. He is not afraid to take extreme measures to rehabilitate the prisoners, even going as for as using life-threatening methods. He puts his position in high regards, insulting his other guard partners commonly and isn't afraid to take violent methods against a prisoner who done a minor action.


Kuroiwa is a veteran police guard, being the chief jailer of Yūyami Prison and is also known to have a wife at home. Not much else is known about his history, other than him being an experienced prison guard who takes his work extremely seriously.


Act 2[]


  • (To Kirio) "In the name of 'justice' I shall reform you into being obedient!! If you disobey my orders, I may let an accidental death occur any time!! Don't think of me as the same as that dunce... He was a coward unworthy of this holy work! Starting now I'm going to make you the world's most misterable prisoner!"