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Ami Yumikawa
Ami Yumikawa.png
Name Ami Yumikawa
弓河 あみ
Yumikawa Ami
Gender Female
Height 177 cm (5'8")
Affiliation Yūyami High School
Talent Drawing other people with talents
First Appearance
Manga Debut e28. Important

Ami Yumikawa (弓河 あみ, Yumikawa Ami) was Yuuyami High School's school nurse. She is an extremely kind woman and was falsely charged with the murder of a student. However, this was set up by Yūta Kijima and she was later released from her charges.


Yumikawa has black hair tied at the end with a scrunchie. Distinctly, she has some of her hair on the right side tied up in a braid.

She is first and mainly seen wearing a white, long-sleeved lab coat over her colored shirt. She is also seen wearing a skirt. Yumikawa is relatively tall, being 177cm and has ample breasts. She also wears a necklace with a heart on it.


Yumikawa is a serene, delicate woman who cares highly for the students around her. She knew about Takemaru Sudō history and was so kind to him to the point that he began trusting her. Yumikawa is very affectionate and gentle to the people around her, getting along with a lot of other students. She is seen often helping Sudō as he gets into many fights, so he is often at the infirmary with Yumikawa. When Sudō was at the verge of dropping out of school, she showed a strong side of her and defended him, despite there being a chance of her being fired. Also, she continued to smile even after being convicted of murder, swearing that she had not murdered anyone. She believes school is a place where people can find "important things".


Not much is known about Yumikawa's history, but she works at Yuuyami High School as a nurse who was very close to the students that came to the infirmary, particularly Takemaru Sudō. Prior to the story, it was revealed that she was supposed to go on the plane trip that crashed at Irai Coast. However, she was stopped as she was arrested under the charge of murdering a school student. She pleaded guilty, however was convicted and charged of murder. She also attended the Yuuyami High School festival with Sudo and heard the Kirio Imizuka's cry for help, therefore making her an talent-user.


Act 1[]


Yumikawa's talent is a passive talent that attracts other people with talents around her. This made her a target for Cannibal and therefore Kijima had her charged with murder to save her from being attacked by Cannibal.


  • (To Takemaru Sudō) "Because school... is a place where you can find "important things". Until you find something you can trust from your heart...Something you want to protect, a teacher cannot let you drop out!"


  • Ami's surname Yumikawa means "archery bow" (弓) (yumi) and "river, stream" (河) (kawa).